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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do we need a designer?

A. There are a few options. Most of the time, utilizing our experience and large photo galleries, we can help our customers create a visual design that is clearly communicated, eliminating the need for a design on paper and reducing costs. But, we also have professional designers who can draft elaborate designs to your liking, for a fee.


Q. What will you do to keep your work from shifting in the harsh Minnesota winters? 

A. We dig down at least 8 inches and fill it with base rock to keep all moisture away from our materials. Detail Stone stands by our work. If you have an issue we will be happy to fix it for you. 


Q. Will you do repair work on someone else’s job? 

A. No job is too big or too small. We’ve done projects from small step repairs to elaborate compete yard projects.


Q. We need a project done, would you be able to help with design ideas? 

A. Detail Stone is a design-build firm who has designed hundreds of projects. We have lots of ideas and techniques to help design and build the perfect project for your family. 


Q. How do we know we can trust you and your employees? 

A. We will leave you over 300 names, numbers, and addresses (so you can drive-by and see the work) of satisfied customers; not something you’re likely to find with other contractors. 


Q. How long will the job take? 
A. Each job varies due to unique conditions. Except for extenuating circumstances like rain delays and equipment failure, we start the job on time. We stay on the job, working each day, until the job is done. Many customers are surprised because we often finish ahead of schedule. 
Q. What about water and drainage?  
A. We say water is the enemy! So, we look over the entire yard and give a detailed plan on how to divert the water away from the work.
Q. How will you handle my sprinkler system? 
A. Sprinklers outside our work area are marked so we don’t hit them. Sprinklers that will interfere with our works will need to be re-routed by an irrigation contractor of your choice after we are finished. We typically put conduit pipe under our work so irrigation contractors can run their lines easily. 
Q. What about cost overruns? 
A. Usually we hit the nail on the head with the pricing. However, sometimes unforeseen issues arise that might increase or decrease the cost; such as design changes, additional work, or underground issues we couldn’t foresee. We communicate very clearly with the customer before any decisions regarding these issues are made. This is why we love it when our customers are around during the project. 
Q. What about my plants and trees? 
A. We will identify the plants and trees that need to be moved. We have a special attachment on our machines that we use to transplant the ones you want to keep, and we can toss the ones you don’t. We have professional landscapers who can come in after us to plant new ones, if you desire. 
Q. What will happen to my grass? 
A. The grass will be damaged where we have to run our machines and work. We always clean up our debris, but fixing the grass is up to you. As an option, we can bring in fresh black dirt so you (or your lawn guy) will be ready to plant new grass.  
Q. What do the materials look like? 
A. If you’ve chosen natural stone, and can’t get a good look from one of our pictures, we invite you to our stone yard in Inver Grove heights where you can select the exact materials you want. If you’ve chosen block or pavers, we’ll send you to the supplier’s yard so you can see the materials for yourself. 

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